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Marcel van Hove shares story with us about his move back to Germany from Australia, and the birth of Visual Friends Germany. We discuss how as an entrepreneur and small business owner he has grown his Australasian business to a global business, Younito the new visual collaboration training created this year, and also how he’s found niche opportunities during the global pandemic such as creating new training content to upskill German teachers to successfully use visualisation and technology to work remotely.
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Visual Friends proudly announce their latest visualisation and collaboration training offering and visual dictionary app, Younito. We talk with Marcel van Hove and Danny Low of Visual Friends about where the idea for Younito came from, how it was developed, through to how it is implemented in class today. A visual dictionary app, aptly named Younito, has also been developed to compliment not only the training, but to share these unique sets of icons and templates with the wider visual community. Younito is available through the Android and Apple app stores for anyone to download and access a free subset of the Younito icons and templates to start.
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Linette Voller

Cracking the code

Linette Voller Content Designer Manager | Writer | Technical Communicator at an Australian Global Organisation, Leader in IT Service Desk
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A Time Of Change - Working from Home

A Time of Change

A time of change is upon us, like none we have seen for generations. A time of vulnerability, but also opportunity too. In this episode of Visual Friends Radio we’re joined by Marcel van Hove and Danny Low of the Visual Friends team to talk about how they’re focusing on adaptability, innovation and channeling their creative power during the current pandemic.
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During the VizConf 2019 OpenSpace planning, when participants advertised their sessions and everyone voted for the ones they were interested
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Visualisation helps book author promote the message of peace

“I think the Visual Friends approach is so interesting and personal. And the little icons are very appealing. Using bikablo® instead of just words and tables gives text a lot more character and interest. And it’s simple. You get it immediately. I’m thrilled I’ve done the course, and I’m so glad I’ve found Visual Friends.”
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