Group Coaching Program - Live Online

We hear it often said about languages ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’, and since visualisation is a visual language, the same rule applies.

Learning by doing

Whether you are visualising a process to simplify the steps and get people on-board, or doing a visual recording of a conversation, you become better with every iteration. But sometimes life gets in the way and next thing you know, it’s been months since your course with us and you haven’t drawn a stick figure yet!

Practise together for weeks

This is why we have a support structure of the Group Coaching programme available to you. Four group coaching sessions to get you going, simple visual challenges regularly posted in a private Slack channel and group wisdom to encourage, inspire and support you through picking up the pen again. 

* By booking a ticket you have access to all four sessions run each fortnight. 


Who is the training for?

Group Coaching is available to any of our graduates from any year and can be booked through the website here. It’s never to late to pick up markers again:

  • Manager & Leader
  • User Experience Expert & Business Analyst
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Product Owner & Product Manager
  • Agile Team Leader, Delivery Lead
  • Project Manager & Project Lean
  • Agile Coach & Scrum Master
  • Trainer, Coach & Facilitator

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