Training Room Requirements

Base Requirement

Drawing Space: Every participant of the training needs about 1 meter of flat wall space to put flip chart paper up and draw on. Alternatively, a flip chart stand for every participant works fine too.

Flip Chart Paper: Every participant (and trainer) needs approximately 15 pages of flip chart paper over the length of a 2-days training. For training of 10 people (plus 2 trainers) we need 180 pages (15 pages x 12 people) .
Facilitation Tools: Scissors, One Pack of A4 paper, One Pack of Post-it Notes, Some Pencils, Blue tack.

Room Setup: In general, as less furniture in the room as better. We only need a chair for every participant plus one table (in a corner) for materials.
Early Access: We need to set up for the training at least 60 minutes before the training.

Additional Requirement

Two additional flip chart stands: To improve the visibility of the trainer to the students two mobile flip chart stands are recommended so that the trainer is flexible in his/her position to the group.

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