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Visual Storytelling - Advanced

So you are already rocking it with your new visualisation skills after completing our fundamentals visualisation class?

Well, let’s go to the next level together!

Our one-day visual storytelling class will take your skills to the next level of business application.  You’ll join us in the training room to learn how business stories come alive through Visual Storytelling.  This is an Advanced Class and will not cover any fundamental techniques

Reactivate your skills

The practice of visualisation does not require you to have attended art classes during school or university. In fact, our classes re-enliven what you already have inside you – the ability to draw!

After attending our fundamentals class, you will be rocking it with the pen drawing your own awesome flip charts, creating striking posters and facilitating effective meetings!

Our advanced Visual storytelling class will take you through the art of telling stories for business.

Don’t believe us? Just have a look at photo-gallery of before and after students’ photos.
Visual Storytelling Training Group

Every story needs a hero

We all love stories. When we present a new idea as a story our audience can identify with the hero, follow his/her journey and learn from his/her mistakes. Visual storytelling is the most effective way to focus the attention of your audience, to establish an emotional connection quickly and ensure a better recall of facts and events. This is the best way to get your message across.

Systematic approach to visual storytelling for business audience

Just like with our  Fundamental classes, Visual Storytelling training is based on a simple systematic approach to design with the focus on telling an engaging story visually. 

Once you’ve learnt how to transform your ideas into a story, we’ll show you how to select the right layout to visualise your hero and his journey to reinforce your message. 


Who is the training for?

You have already completed our Visualisation Fundamentals class. 

Are you working in an area where communication and collaboration between people are essential? Maybe you work in one of these roles:

  • Manager & Leader
  • User Experience Expert & Business Analyst
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Product Owner & Product Manager
  • Agile Team Leader, Delivery Lead
  • Project Manager & Project Lean
  • Agile Coach & Scrum Master
  • Trainer, Coach & Facilitator

What you learn

We start the day with a visual warm-up to reactivate your drawing skills and review what you learnt in the fundamentals class. Then we’ll show you how to visualise the hero and his companians before teaching you about the DNA of every good story. In the afternoon you’ll have plenty of time to practice – to design, draw and present your own story. 

  • visual warm-up, reviewing your  drawing skills
  • hero’s journey 
  • design your story using  layouts 
  • visualise your story and prepare your next presentation