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Christiane Anderson

Visualisation Transformation with Christiane Anderson

“Visualisation helps break down communication barriers, removes ego and takes away a lot of tension and bias. It makes people really happy. Drawing and playing with colour reminds us how to be free, creative and unburdened, it helps us reconnect to ourselves and be present in the moment.”
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Biunca Hooper about Visual Ways of Working inside Organisations

We could have almost replaced Biunca’s story with her brilliant poster. She created it in response to our interview request to talk about the role of visualisation in her work. “I wanted to get a bit of perspective down on paper about why I thought visualisation was important. Because at the end of the day, what better way to talk about the visualisation than to visualise it.”
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Melaine D'Cruze

Melaine D’Cruze about Visualising Learning for Kids

Melaine D’Cruze has been a visual thinker all her life. Through her school years and her career, she always took visual notes and doodled to focus and to remember ideas. She didn’t know that there was actually a professional field for visual thinking until one day when she discovered the TED Talk from Sunni Brown, Doodlers, unite!
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Heather Martinez

Let’s letter together with Heather Martinez in Melbourne

We talk about her whole life from the beginning where she grew up, where she chose to live and how she got into graphic facilitation. We learn how it feels being graphically recorded for the first time herself and what we as graphic recorders might need to consider when recording someone talk.
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Danny Low

Danny Low about Visualisations of Legal Contracts, Agile Coaching & Kung-Fu

Let me introduce to you Danny Low. Danny is not only a bikablo® trainer and partner at the Visual Friends. He is also a very good friend of mine and in many ways, we are very similar. We talk a bit about that but we forgot to talk about one great story. So in the early days when I met Danny, he told me that he will take time off and travel with his family around the world.
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Dean Meyers

Be Brave and Iterate!

Do you remember the time when Apple was founded or maybe have seen the movie ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’? Until I met Dean, I never had met a person who worked at Apple at that time when the first Macintosh and with that the first graphical user Interface (GUI) was released to the world.
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Jill Greenbaum

Jill Greenbaum about how to coach teenagers to find the right college

We talk about her coaching practice and her work as a facilitator with POINTS OF YOU® from Israel who provides inspiring life coaching cards that you can use for live coaching games. Last but not least we look at her upcoming bikablo® trainings in the US that she hosts, her work on the IFVP board and learn that she even has been to Tasmania recently!
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