Championing visualisation in the workplace with Nuzakat Ali

Nuzakat Ali

I’ve always loved colour and have been interested in doing things differently, in such a way that leaves something in people’s memories. You might not remember the text on the board, but you will remember a picture. A picture will stay with you for much longer and it helps everybody to be aligned.

Championing visualisation in the workplace with Nuzakat Ali

Product Maker and Visual Facilitator at MYOB

Visual Friends bikablo® training, March 2018

I’ve always loved colour and have been interested in doing things differently, in such a way that leaves something in people’s memories. You might not remember the text on the board, but you will remember a picture. A picture will stay with you for much longer and it helps everybody to be aligned.

Nuzakat admits, she’s never been a fan of plain text.

As a developer, later a business analyst and then an iteration manager, Nuzakat found client meetings with text only bland and inefficient. “I was going to client sites trying to understand their vision and needs, and each time there would be just phrases on the board. I longed for something more.”

But Nuzakat didn’t think she was good at drawing, so she shied away from it.

Working on a project at MYOB a few years later, Nuzakat was impressed with the visualisation culture there at the time. “I’d walk around the office and see these lovely images. Everything was visually presented rather than just written on the board, so I thought I’d better learn how to do it!”

A lot of people mentioned bikablo® and Nuzakat wanted to give it a go. Unfortunately, her then employer didn’t believe it was a necessary consultant skill. “I disagreed because as a consultant you are constantly facilitating and recording information, and you’d want your clients to be aligned and leave with a great image, rather than with text you can forget. But maybe I didn’t put up a good business case.”

Nuzakat went on with her work, but the thought of upping her visualisation game wouldn’t let on. “I’d hold these meetings and attempt to draw, but I was too slow and not good at it, and people would ask me to just write it down.” She approached her management again, and again her request was rejected. She did it anyway.

Nuzakat took annual leave and spend two days learning bikablo® technique with John Hibble in March 2018.

“I always thought I could only draw stick figures, but I found bikablo® easy to learn.”

After leaving consulting Nuzakat went to AGL, where she again began to sneak visualisation in her work. “I started by creating visualisations of user journeys and task lists. I’d put them up and once I heard a couple of comments, I began to sign my posters and include information on how to learn the technique.” Nuzakat inspired a few of her colleagues who followed suit and did training with Visual Friends.

Having come full circle, Nuzakat is now championing visualisation at MYOB, the place that inspired her to begin her visualisation journey in the first place. After a restructure, the culture in the company has changed and visualisation is no longer front and centre, something that Nuzakat is trying to turn around.

She helped promote visualisation ‘lunch and learn’ sessions and volunteered to help organise Visual Friends Meetup. Nuzakat was also an MYOB host for the first-ever Australian Visualisation Conference held last year. It was a great success and VizConf 2019 is returning to MYOB in October 2019.

“At MYOB we are always looking for new ways to do things, and a lot of people here are very visual.”

Although Nuzakat’s new role doesn’t allow her to practise visualisation daily, she is not giving up. For now, she practices by creating visual summaries of the business books she’s reading, attends the meetup and looks forward to the next Visualisation Conference. Nuzakat is also considering becoming a Visual Friends Leader, an initiative for those Visual Friends students who are passionate about the craft and want to champion it at their workplace.

Visualisation is now firmly part of her career regardless of her future roles.

“It’s so impactful. You see these lovely colourful images up on the wall, you can take the information in one glance and understand the message without a ton of words. I think it’s really inspiring and motivating that anyone can do this, you just have to try. It’s simple, it’s concise, it’s beautiful to look at and it’s a much better way to convey a message.”

Do you want to start a visual revolution in your workplace? Come to one of our courses, attend a meetup or join us on slack. Keen to learn more – have a look at other stories on our website and listen to the Visual Friends radio.

Natalia Tsygankova
Natalia Tsygankova

The article was written by Natalia Tsygankova. Natalia has always loved words and talking to people. She has put that passion to good use and has been sharing people’s stories in the community radio, TV and print media for the last 10 years. Natalia is also a big fan of true storytelling events and regularly volunteers at the most famous one – The Moth, interviewing the winner. You can hear her own story of moving to Australia from Russia in 1999 here. Natalia believes that everyone has a story – So what’s yours? Contact her today to share your story.

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Andre Herbst

Global Head of Growth, Epic Agile.

The best course I have ever done. Every business should send their people, since attending the course I use bikablo in my daily work as well as at home with my kids. It is amazing how senior executives and kids can all relate to and love my drawings! Going into the course I thought I couldn’t draw… I couldn’t believe what Marc got me to do in the first 2 hours, this course is for everyone!


Michelle Teunis

Senior Change and Transformation Leader

A must-do course for anyone involved in facilitation, coaching or change management!

Julie Whitlock Pic 2

Julie Whitlock

Associate Director, Digital Innovations, Murdoch University

Do this Course if you want a permanent smile on your face and a feeling of success and achievement at learning something new.

Alan Kurrle

Alan Kurrle

Project Manager, Information Systems, Epworth

The benefits of the Visual Coaching program were fantastic, it gave me a lot of confidence, taught me to be more spontaneous and trust myself. I’m not making a Mona Lisa here. It’s about capturing key messages, not creating a work of art.

Bornwyn Short Photo_2019

Bronwyn Short

Portfolio Manager, BHP

This type of Training is just so valuable for anyone.  It gives you practical skills for immediate use!


Fiona McUtchen

Group Manager Organisational Development, Epworth Healthcare

I sent one of my team Alan Kurrle on a Bikablo course recently – I hadn’t heard of it before (thanks Naked Ambition for the recommendation) but it’s a German group teaching everyday people to be gun facilitators by harnessing visualisation and collaboration techniques. To say I was pleased with his learning would be the understatement of 2018. Would strongly recommend to those in your team that love facilitation – it’s already brought so much more life and animation to our team and beyond Epworth.


Olympia McEnhill

Delivery Manager at Gallagher Bassett

In doing the Bikablo course I discovered a very powerful way to super charge my creative brainstorming skills! If you are an extrovert like me and find talking about stuff really helps to get into your own head; you should try drawing! It’s been truly liberating! Thanks for your amazing patience John

Marcel combines agile team coaching with visual thinking. Marcel believes that a group of people drawing together on a whiteboard can change the world. He loves high-performing teams and therefore coaches teams everyday. He likes to share his experience in his trainings, as a speaker at conferences and as the host of a user group. He produced serveral videos explaining agile practices, principles and lean thinking using visual facilitation technics. When he is not drawing he loves to meditate and travels around the world.

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