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Marcel van Hove

How to spark the visual revolution inside your company

Even if you have the best idea on the planet not everyone will stop working in the old way and jump onto the new idea immediately. If that would be the case all people in the Tech-Industry would be Lean-Agile-Design-Thinking-Visual Facilitators. So what can we do to inspire others and facilitate change? First, let’s talk about why not everyone follows you
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Marcel van Hove

What does bikablo mean?

Today I would like to talk about the topic that I get asked quite regularly and it’s what does bikablo® mean. Here I want to demystify it and want to explain what the word bikablo® actually means. So come along on a trip, back in history.
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jim benson

Visualise your work and increase your happiness

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to speak to Jim Benson in Melbourne. We met in a hotel restaurant and talked about why visualisation of invisible knowledge work is so powerful and why it can increase the happiness of you and your co-workers:
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Carola and Frank

Welcome to the bikablo® USA Tour 2017

Carola Keitel and Frank Wesseler are an amazing team. They met through the bikablo® Akademie in Cologne and became a couple. Carola always had the idea of travelling the US and maybe working there one day.
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Jaya Machet

Introduction into Executive Coaching

Jaya introduces you to the topic of executive coaching. She explains what coaching is and isn’t by comparing it to deeper interventions like counselling and therapy. We introduce different coaching approaches and how they might be a fit for you.
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Interactive Map Visual Friends Radio

Interactive Map of the Visual Friends Radio

Join Natalia, Charity and Marcel as they explore how visualisation changes thinking, learning and collaboration with visual beginners, practitioners and experienced masters all around the world. Would you like to be on the show? Write us an email!
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How to create your own sketchnote video?

Todays guest is Matthew Magain from Matthew is a good friend of mine and I’ve been following his journey for quite a while. After Matthew gives us a bit of background of where he came from and how he started with sketch noting as a teacher in Japan we talk about sketch note videos in detail.
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