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How to make contextual visuals based on teamwork, themes and bikablo® icons.

As an agile & visual coach, I am still humbled about the positive impact our visualisation methods make on knowledge workers.

The bikablo technique features a fast, unique learning experience that works in your office location and has a great impact – the Symbol Safari. So what is the Symbol Safari?

The Symbol Safari is an activity that engages a team to create incrementally build a complex visual metaphor for a specific theme.

It is a great introduction with working with a marker and also using visuals in a team to create meaning out of complexity, with the help of bikablo® icons.

Michael Saunders, meetup leader kindly introducing Martin before the visual thinking meetup kicked off.

Introducing working on the wall, using the marker and the safari instructions

Visual Introduction
We Introduce the Bikablo Method and simple colouring

Our Safari Map - the journey to exploring visualisation

We Introduce the Bikablo Method and simple colouring

Selecting Icons to associate with their word-storming around a central theme

We Introduce the Bikablo Method and simple colouring

The teams draw and then we celebrate our new visual skills with a showcase.

Symbol Safari at your organisation?? Yes We Can!

A Symbol Safari workshop is a great introduction to visual thinking and learning to draw with bikablo methods.

Our training team offers bookings for this event. We bring all equipment, all we need is a room, with a few whiteboards and lots of curious minds.

Workshop Duration ~ 2hrs
Workshop Investment: $1080.00 (plus GST)
Discount: The amount will be deducted as a discount when ordering an in-house training within in 6 month.


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