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Danny Low

Danny Low

Danny is a Certified Professional Scrum Master, Agile Team Facilitator and Visual Facilitation Trainer who is a strong believer in using visual language to capture and convey meaning. He uses Bikablo as a powerful way to engage Team Members and Stakeholders in his work. Danny enjoys Snow Skiing, Mountain Biking and Travelling. In his spare time, he instructs in Kung Fu / Tai Chi and coaches Junior Rugby Union Teams. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.

About Bikablo® Advanced with our trainer Danny Low

Visual Storytelling Intro Poster

Here’s everything you wanted to know but haven’t had a chance to ask about Visual Friends’ new training – Bikablo® Advanced.

For years our students have been asking us “what next?” after leaving bikablo® fundamentals sessions with their brilliant celebration posters.

Now you can continue your visualisation journey with Bikablo® Advanced.

In this interview with our Brisbane based trainer Danny Low, we talk about why Global Bikablo® has created this brand new worldwide curriculum, what you’ll learn, who it will be most useful for and how the first trial class went at last year’s VizConf.

Natalia has always loved words and talking to people. She has put that passion to good use and has been sharing people’s stories in the community radio, TV and print media for the last 10 years. Natalia is also a big fan of true storytelling events and regularly volunteers at the most famous one – The Moth, interviewing the winner. You can hear her own story of moving to Australia from Russia in 1999 here. She lives in Melbourne with her husband John and their two daughters and the whole family enjoys visualising and storytelling. Natalia believes Bikablo is a magic skill of today and she is thrilled to be involved telling Visual Friends stories. Please contact her if you would like to share your story!

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