Visual Friends proudly announce their latest visualisation and collaboration training offering and visual dictionary app, Younito.

We talk with Marcel van Hove and Danny Low of Visual Friends about where the idea for Younito came from, how it was developed, through to how it is implemented in a class today. A visual dictionary app, aptly named Younito, has also been developed to compliment not only the training, but to share these unique sets of icons and templates with the wider visual community. Younito is available through the Android and Apple app stores for anyone to download and access a free subset of the Younito icons and templates to start.

Charity Shaw

Over a decade ago Charity watched a team of consultants at an offsite event create awe-inspiring visual content. She dreamed that one day she too could communicate with simple visuals from words but had no idea how to get there. Flash forward 10 years to discovering Visual Friends and her journey has begun.

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