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What is bikablo® about?

The bikablo® drawing technique provides a framework to access the visual language that enables anyone to express themselves through hand- drawn visualisations.

What our clients say about us?

Jon Coleman

Jonathon Coleman

Iteration Manager at Suncorp
I was impressed how quickly I learned.  Zero to 'pretty awesome in 2 days?  Money well spent!

Nathalie Heynderickx

Corporate Domain Specialist at AGL
I've attended a one day workshop with Marcel a couple of months ago and I'm glad I did. In one single day I've learnt the basic techniques of visual facilitation in a clever, relaxed and fun manner thanks to Marcel great people and technical skills. Since then I had to pleasure to apply the knowledge acquired at my role at AGL and make my role more fun, creativity and engaging to myself and my stakeholders. Such a good investment of my time, energy and money! Thanks Marcel. Please keep up sharing this amazing tool for a better corporate world.

Christiane Anderson

Senior Business Analyst at AGL Energy
Marcel is an excellent, generous and talented @Bikablo trainer and facilitator. I had the pleasure of attending his course and was able to add value at work straight away by using it in retrospectives, team purpose facilitation, inception workshops and initiative launches. I can highly recommend Marcel's rich knowledge and experience in this field and his ability to teach and mentor others to become excellent Visual Facilitators.

Marie-Claire Reina (CAHRI)

Leadership Development Facilitator
Marcel's bikablo® visual facilitation training brings your drawing skills to life - yes, yours!!! You may walk in to the program feeling like an absolute novice (I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler!) but I promise you will walk out with the skills to put your thoughts on paper in the clearest, funkiest, most visually attractive way!Well worth the investment, you will receive several practical tips and tricks that will significantly boost your facilitator toolkit. With his extraordinary facilitation skills Marcel will include you in the program and guide you to greatness as if you were the only person in the room - cannot recommend this program or Marcel highly enough - thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!!

Sharada Bangalore

REA Group
Recently I attended the two day Bikablo Visual Facilitation training - for someone like me who previously drew very little, this training was a godsend! Not only did it uplift my confidence in drawing, the training also gave me various tools and techniques that I could easily practise and use in my facilitation sessions. There were also several reference books suggested for further enrichment of drawing and visual facilitation skills. The pace of the course over the two days was even and the facilitators certainly made it interesting with some fun group activities. Overall, I would highly recommend this training course for anyone that is involved with facilitation – be it as a facilitator or as a participant.

Matt Rickards

Agile Business Analyst / Iteration Manager at Elabor8
Marcel's Bikablo Visual Facilitation course was a great experience! The techniques he uses are amazing because they enable anyone to draw eye catching pictures without being able to actually draw previously. Marcel was a great teacher, with attention to detail and a passion for art excellence. Highly recommend this course to any Facilitator,

Amanda Cassidy

Business Analyst at Commonwealth Bank
I attended Marcel's Bikablo training course in November 2014. It was fantastic and the results are really rewarding. Marcel makes the course fun, interactive and hands on. By the end of the training day i was totally able to sketch the Bikablo way :). I would definitely recommend Marcel's Bikablo training course.

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