Younito® Visual Collaboration Games incl. 60-Day Group Coaching

Learning new ways of working can be easy and fun. The Younito collaboration games teach you key innovation, agile leadership and visual facilitation skills through playing games together on a whiteboard.

Why play games?

Learning becomes much easier when you have a strong positive experience. New ideas and concepts stick better when you enjoy the lesson. For that reason we focus on playing games as a way to teach modern collaboration skills that every successful team needs.

Why Younito?

We believe that a group of people creating and developing ideas together on a whiteboard can change the world. But how do you build up the confidence to draw, chat and discuss products and services within your team? How do you teach a wide range of skills in the fields of visualisation, leadership and process mapping without leaving the office for days on end? How do you help people collaborate effectively and actually get them excited about learning new ways of working? We have created Younito as an innovative training program teaching your team key collaboration skills in a short amount of time through playing games. 

Draw + Play = Learn

The four pillars of Younito

  • Free Thinking
    Breaking our own thinking barriers and changing our thinking patterns is the key to transforming organisations and creating disruptive products of today. Free thinking games help us get out of the rut, create innovations and expand our horizons.
  • Shared Pictures
    Having shared understanding of the work goals, tasks and processes is essential for high performing teams. Younito teaches you to visualise work in a unique and exciting way, and the shared picture games help you keep the process fresh and the task boards up-to-date.
  • Leading The Way
    Through visualising and presenting your ideas in front of others by just using a marker you become very visible to others. People see our great work as well as our mistakes.  Playing leading the way games allows you to develop visual leadership skills and boosts your confidence.  
  • Friendship Culture
    Younito gives teams a chance to become much more productive and makes workplace more fun. The positive energy of a successful team is infectious, and other teams would want to join in. During friendship culture games you will learn to pass your skills on to others and inspire the whole company 360°.

Learning Objective Day 1

We begin with letting you experience a whole working day as a Younito coach inside an organisation. 

After a morning check-in we host a visual standup facilitated through some of the Younito games.  A role-play game follows where we learn a whiteboard mapping technique used to solve a potential conflict between two teams. After lunch we look at team and portfolio planning via creating our own visuals. We finish the day with a game design session where the participants plan their next day inside their organisation.  

By the end of the first day of training you’ll be able to:

  • Run different activation and learning games
  • Facilitate a fun standup meeting using games
  • Successfully facilitate meetings overcoming team barriers
  • Improve your task and portfolio level board using visuals
  • Plan and design your own collaboration games

Four Remote Coaching Sessions

After one day training in the classroom we catch up 4 x times remotely for a coaching circle to share our experience of being back at work. We discuss which games have been useful in your team and which visualisations you have been able to apply. We answer questions and together develop ideas on how you can become a game changer inside your organisation and/or for your clients. This is where we

  • Share our experiences and reflect together
  • Create and discuss new learning games
  • Get help and improve your work as a Younito coach
  • Practise together and get feedback from us and the community (via Slack)


  • Every participant will get an exclusive Younito set of whiteboard markers
  • Aussie icon deck (on the left) to play visual games with your team
  • More effective collaboration 
  • Higher team engagement through playing games together
  • Lower training costs as training while working
  • 10% discount on advanced training sessions
  • Membership of the Visual Friends graduates group on Slack
  • Photo documentation of the whole course
  • A discount from our partners Neuland, AllLinedup & Graphic Gear  on their product range

Who is it for?

Are you working in an area where communication and collaboration between people are essential? Maybe you work in one of these roles:

  • Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Iteration Manager
  • Agile Team Leader, Delivery Lead
  • Business Analyst, Product Owner or Product Manager
  • Trainer, Coach or Facilitator

…then this training is especially for you!

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