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stick together, learn together, succeed together

After attending our Bikablo Fundamentals training you can draw well enough to explain your ideas in words and pictures but the daily routine of our work gets in the way to use our visual skills on the job. At the same time, deliberate practice in the first few days and weeks after training is essential to retaining your new knowledge and skills. Here we would like to help and accompany you during the first 60 days after the training. Additionally, if your training has been a while back and you would like to re-start your visual journey – you are welcome to join the program too.

60 Days Kickoff in April
60 Days Program Kickoff in April

The program explained

Joining the program means that you will be part of a small group of six people which help you to achieve your visual leadership goal at work. This remote coaching circle will offer you ideas, inspiration and feedback but will also ask you for your commitment towards a self-defined goal. In this way, we make each other accountable to reach the next level in becoming a visual game changer inside our own organisation. We will meet 4 x times for one hour over a period of 60 days remote via Zoom and guide you through the process. Additionally, you will become a member of a private channel in our Slack community where we help each other between the fortnightly remote gatherings. In the last session, you will present your achievements and get your Visual Friends Graduate badge (Picture). At this point, the program ends but we encourage you to strengthen the friendship and stick together on our Slack platform.

Stick together, Support each other, Succeed together
Starter Kit Upgraded

Benefits of the Visual Coaching program

  • 4 x Remote Group Sessions via Zoom
  • Get inspirations how to facilitate workshops & meetings
  • Deepen the understanding of visual facilitation
  • Practise together and get feedback from us and the community (via Slack)
  • Graduate Badges incl. additional Neuland Marker (When booking the 60-days-program)
  • Our partners Neuland, AllLinedup & Graphic Gear offer you a discount on their product range to all participants

Who is it for?

Are you working in an area where communication and collaboration between people is essential? Maybe you work in one of these roles:

  • Manager & Leaders
  • User Experience Expert, Business Analyst
  • Product Owners / Product Managers
  • Agile Team Leader, Delivery Lead
  • Project Manager, Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Iteration Manager
  • Trainer, Coach or Facilitator

…then this training is especially for you!

Let's explain it in a video...

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