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Danny Low

Danny is Certified Professional Scrum Master, Agile Team Facilitator and Visual Facilitation Trainer who is a strong believer in using visual language to capture and convey meaning.  He uses Bikablo as a powerful way to engage Team Members and Stakeholders in his work.
Danny enjoys Snow Skiing, Mountain Biking and Travelling.  In his spare time he instructs in Kung Fu / Tai Chi and coaches Junior Rugby Union Teams.
He lives with his family in Brisbane, Australia.

John Hibble

John is a practitioner and educator in design & facilitation and in visualisation. He has designed and facilitated collaborative workshops in both public and private sector in fields as diverse as Banking, Universities, Insurance, Property, Transportation, Environment and Health & Community Services.

He partners with consulting firms, wheretofromhere? and Collabforge and now with Visual Friends. He co-founded The Facilitation Starter, a learning program to make facilitation skills more accessible to people who are relatively new to facilitation. John is a co-author of ‘Collaboration by Design‘, a new practitioner’s field guide on design and facilitation.

John lives in Melbourne with his partner, Natalia, and their two daughters.


Lisa Richardson

Lisa is a designer, educator and idea connector. She assists people to clarify and structure their thinking and get their ideas and information visually onto the page and out into the world. After completing her bikablo® training she is excited to share this visual facilitation process with others.

With experience in a wide variety of settings including architecture, tertiary education and strategic thinking for businesses, Lisa’s focus is on how we can make better human experiences. She works collaboratively, listening to and drawing out complex information or systems so they can be explained as simply as possible. This frees us up to analyse, ask pertinent questions, make improvements or build something even better.

Lisa and her husband have moved to Wellington after a 2 year sabbatical in Berlin.


Marcel Van Hove

Marcel combines agile team coaching with visual thinking. Marcel believes that a group of people drawing together on a whiteboard can change the world. He loves high-performing teams and therefore coaches teams everyday. He likes to share his experience in his trainings, as a speaker at conferences and as the host of a user group. He produced several videos explaining agile practices, principles and lean thinking using visual facilitation techniques. When he is not drawing he loves to meditate and travels around the world.

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