Matt Rickards

Agile Business Analyst / Iteration Manager at Elabor8

Marcel’s Bikablo Visual Facilitation course was a great experience! The techniques he uses are amazing because they enable anyone to draw eye catching pictures without being able to actually draw previously. Marcel was a great teacher, with attention to detail and a passion for art excellence. Highly recommend this course to any Facilitator,


Amanda Cassidy

Business Analyst at Commonwealth Bank

I attended Marcel’s Bikablo training course in November 2014. It was fantastic and the results are really rewarding. Marcel makes the course fun, interactive and hands on. By the end of the training day i was totally able to sketch the Bikablo way :). I would definitely recommend Marcel’s Bikablo training course.


Fleur Vickers

Digital Manager at FrontLine Stores

In just over a minute, our new video clearly communicates a business model many of us have struggled to explain for years! Marcel was fun to work with, and helpful in turning our receptionist into our voice over girl. So much so that she may consider leaving us for a new career. Good one Marcel.


Kate Goodwin

User Experience Specialist, HeathWallace, Melbourne

Marcel really opened our eyes up to what is possible with visual recording. We learned how important it was to have a clear brief on what the sessions would involve and what we wanted captured. Marcel was then able to recommend the best way forward for our needs. Marcel’s skill in interpreting and visualising everything during the workshop sessions was impressive, and the resulting wall piece was everything we’d hoped for (particularly to keep discussions going long after the workshops had ended, plus standing alone as a form of ‘analysis’ that we couldn’t possibly have captured ourselves while facilitating the sessions). I’d highly recommend Marcel’s work. Kate Goodwin, User Experience Specialist, HeathWallace, Melbourne


Noppanit Charassinvichai

Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks

I have been fortunate to work with Marcel for the past 4 months when he was a Scrum Master. I found Marcel to be very competent, creative and self-driven. He did a fantastic job managing the team, building and developing the team relationship. Marcel brought a lot of ideas to our team to motivate the team and make the team stronger. He is a very good team-worker and has a great sense of humour. He has a really unique way of thinking by visualising thoughts which makes it really easy for the team to understand. I am happy that I have the privilege of working with Marcel and I will be very happy to work with him again in the future.


Mirjam Stamm

CEO of Copra System GmbH

My name is Mirjam Stamm. I am the CEO of Copra System GmbH based in Berlin and Sasbachwalden. Copra System GmbH develops documentation software for the anesthesia and intensive care area of hospitals. In August 2010 we contacted it-agile GmbH and got in contact with Marcel van Hove. From September 2010 until end of December 2011 Marcel worked as a Scrum consultant at Copra System GmbH.

In the beginning Marcel van Hove trained our developer teams and consultants in Scrum. He trained a new employee to become the Scrum Master of the teams and coached the Product Owner on his new job.
Later he introduced Kanban in the system administration and in customer project management.

Marcel van Hove moderated company wide Open Spaces to improve the whole company. He facilitated one Open Space by creating a big drawing (2×3 meters) of the session results during the day. This drawing serves us as a reminder for continuous improvement.

Marcel van Hove is an experienced Scrum and Kanban Consultant with a great positive and energetic habit. He can motivate teams even in difficult situations. I can highly recommend him as an agile consultant.


Jenny Nedanovski

Content Strategist at MYOB

Marcel has a strong focus on delivering great quality of work. I must say, it’s been a pleasure working with Marcel on a project to deliver an MYOB animated video, where our top of mind was to engage my audience and help them understand why our product could benefit them. With Marcel’s expertise and easy going work ethic, it’s amazing how fast he can deliver flawless work. I didn’t even need a revision, great work and I look forward to working with Marcel in the near future.


Govert Mellink

Director at PwC

In spring 2014 I attended Marcel’s bikablo® visual facilitation training. The training is a very well spent day of practical tips and tricks that has significantly added to my toolkit for facilitating client sessions. Basic skills if taught well can be perceived as advanced skills to audiences.

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