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Your Visual Friends


Visual Scrum - Learn the 10 most important Scrum icons in 1 hour

Have you been working in the agile space with Scrum teams?

Have you been faced with challenges on how to visualise your way of working?

Come and join us in a pre-recorded online mini course where we teach you the 10 most important Scrum icons!

Get the markers out and enjoy!

Remote Collaboration
curriculum remote collaboration

Remote Collaboration - How to work from home?

Do you work from home? Do you facilitate remote meetings using Zoom, Teams & Co?

Do you always wanted to become a better meeting facilitator and learn how you use visualisation more effectively in remote workshops?


Who is the training for?

Are you working in an area where communication and collaboration between people are essential? Maybe you work in one of these roles:
  • Manager & Leader
  • User Experience Expert & Business Analyst
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Product Owner & Product Manager
  • Agile Team Leader, Delivery Lead
  • Project Manager & Project Lean
  • Agile Coach & Scrum Master
  • Trainer, Coach & Facilitator

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