Agenda & Project Plans


The “Roadmap” template represents a direct route from the start (bottom left) to the finish (checkered flag). It is ideal for visualizing an agenda. Place arrows as an agenda item along the way. Check out our “Learn to draw for free” tutorial in the main menu.

Leading questions:

Recommended Icons:

Journey to the summit

The “Journey to the summit” template visualizes the project plan as a trip. The ascent up the mountain is a challenge that should not be underestimated. Each peak represents a possible project goal. The banner at the top of the template can be used for heading.

Leading questions:

Planning the trip:

The journey starts:

Base camp or peak reached:

The safe descent - take your time and say thank you:

Recommended Icons:

Treasure map

The “Treasure Map” template is well suited for visualizing more complex project plans. Like the old saying ‘many roads lead to Rome’, many (dashed) paths can lead from the starting point to the destination (treasure, top right).

Leading questions:

The treasure hunt begins

The treasure is found

Recommended Icons:

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